The Globalist Agenda - How the Elite Control Your Mind and Your Life

Philanthropy / Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) / Think Tanks
"... we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States, that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

- Rowan Gaither, President of the Ford Foundation speaking to Norman Dodd in his Congressional Special Committee to investigate tax-exempt foundations, 1954

Foundations as Methods of Control

One of the greatest tricks perpetrated on the public has been the turning the robber barons /elites into philanthropists. This great trick was accomplished by the mass media and various psychological techniques. Through these mechanisms they have managed to convince the public that they gave up their power in the interests of society, gave their money to foundations and other philanthropic organizations and faded into the pages of history. This is a lie. They still exist and exercise their power through their control on the monetary system and their control of the the foundations and their ability to fund their desired outcomes. The foundations (Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, etc.) use their tax exempt status and great wealth to advance the elite's agenda for complete global domination.

Royal Institute of International Affairs / Council on Foreign Relations

In the modern era, the key institutions are the British Royal Institute of International Affairs and its similarly named counterparts in Commonwealth countries along with its branches in non-Commonwealth countries all called Council on Foreign Relations such as those in the US and India. Equally important to recognize is these institutions are subservient to the Round Table Groups. Historically, these groups were central in advancing the spread of the British Empire over the world and as such are central figures of control. However, they are now part of a larger and more extensive system of control.

Merger of Capitalism and Communism

As Norman Dodd discovered in the 1960's congressional investigations, the purpose of the "great foundations" was to merge capitalism and communism into a system of global control. The new system would be economically capitalist, and as such privately owned, and socially communist run by scientist and other experts as were the Soviet councils.

Hundreds of Think Tanks and other NGOs / Thousand Points of Light

As George Bush stated in his speech on September 11, 1990 and and again September 11, 1991, there was an opportunity for a New World Order and it was being worked on by a thousand points of light. Highly masonic symbolism. What he was referring to was the myriad related and interlocked NGO's and think tanks like the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission; environmental groups; and many others think tanks and NGOs created and funded by the elite to bring about their New World Order. As an example of the diffuse nature of these NGO's is the Club of Rome, a premier think tank which published the First Global Revolution in which they invented the global warming fraud.

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“We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.”
- Statement by Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member James Warburg to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, 1950
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