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Contract/Equity Law

In order to understand the legal system we operate under, it is critical to understand that the current system operates under maritime admiralty law and as such is based solely upon contract/equity law. The power of contract is your road to freedom or your road to enslavement.

Ancient System of Pledging / Birth Certificates

Our parents/grandparents were misled into registering us at birth and in doing so, under the ancient system of pledging, made us slaves/collateral to the government/bankers. For example, on the back of most Canadian's birth certificate it says "Revenue Receipt No. A1234556 For Treasury Use Only". What this means is that you are property/chattel of the government and that a bond was created with your name or number on it that was pledged by the government to the bankers based in your future taxes as collateral on the debt. Thus, you are legally enslaved and property of a banker somewhere.

Social Insurance Number /Taxes

What you haven't been told is that at 18 years old you had an opportunity to legally opt out of the system. However, by applying for or continuing to use the Social Insurance Number, applied for on your behalf by your parents or relatives, you agreed to become a taxpayer and have duties and responsibilities as such. Had you chosen not to have a Social Insurance Number and use your lawful right to contract you would would never had to pay taxes and been free to operate outside the jurisdiction of most statutes.

Common Law vs. Commercial/Admiralty Law (and Freeman-On-The-Land)

As demonstrated by numerous alternative lawful scholarly groups, we and our parents have been tricked/deceived into a system in which we have given up our god given natural rights as human beings. This has been done by the creation of artificial persons/corporations that were created by the government and have similar names to our true selves but which are in fact separate corporate entities. We were deceived into accepting these artificial persons as being one and the same as us, the human being, and in the process voluntarily, but out of ignorance, had our rights reduced to that of slaves. By accepting this corporate identity we have given up our common law rights and accepted commercial (i.e. admiralty) law.

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“We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.”
- Statement by Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member James Warburg to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, 1950
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