The Globalist Agenda - How the Elite Control Your Mind and Your Life

Their Goals
"The New World Order, although it's not really, it's called the New World Order, it's an old, old idea of having a controlled and planned world society that really is a merger of two systems and that was the Soviet system and the Capitalist system. But out of it is to come an efficient planned society. In other words, eventually down the road everyone who's born will be born only if there is a function for them to serve, and that is the key word to serve - and that is to serve the world state. People have been categorized all through their lives from school onwards from generation after generation into a eugenics program where the elite have long ago decided on who were the junk genes - meaning the commoners at the bottom - will there be a future for them? Well, they don't need them so they are going to eradicate them under the guise of overpopulation. And interestingly enough, because they know most people live their whole lives without an original thought (they really don't - thoughts are downloaded into them, opinions are given to them - they adopt opinions), they must have the consent of the public for this agenda including, down the road very very soon in fact, voluntary sterilization to save poor old mother earth and bring the population down. And when you look at what's been taught scientifically, a scientific socialism you might say, what's being taught even in kindergarten onwards today, they're giving them up towards this world where you'll sacrifice yourself if need be for mother earth. It's a religion of sorts - it uses all of the techniques of religion because religion has worked so well in the past. Michael Gorbachev, who is part of this structure for a global society, said 'We are creating a new world religion and it will be based on a form of earth worship'. By that he meant you will literally live to serve mother earth. Of course Mother Earth has a new priesthood, there's always a priesthood, and you find its the experts, a scientific society, who already have declared they are too superior for the rest of us to be around and they have the natural right - they're the natural aristocracy as they call themselves - but in reality all scientists who depend on grants or funding from the wealthy, the already established wealthy elite, they're just the lackeys of those at the top. At the top of this system you have very old families who've held on and acquired more and more power down through many centuries and they've declared they're at the top of the Darwinian tree and beneath them you have the scientific society that makes the weapons for them, including weapons that will eventually control the mind, and they plan to run the whole world as a planned - not just a planned parenthood society - a planned society where every country which will be subservient to a global government."

- Alan Watt,

New World Order

As we leave the age of Pisces and enter the age of Aquarius, the elite want to completely change and reorder society. They call it the "New World Order" and later rebranded it to "Globalisation" when the people started asking too many questions about what they meant by a New World Order. The characteristics of their new society are discussed in the sections below.

World Governance not World Government

It's important to understand that the elite do not want world government per se but rather a form of world governance in their personal control. A world government would imply some sort of input and opportunity for participation by the public. They have no intention of allowing this to happen. The United Nations as an unelected and as such unaccountable body has been established to serve this purpose.

Merger of Capitalism and Communism

In order to bring about global governance it is imperative that communism and capitalism be merged into a new system where economic control remains and is concentrated in private hands and social control is based on collectivism. As established by a U.S congressional investigation headed by Senator Norman Dodd into the great foundations back in the 1960's, this was in fact one of the main purposes for which the foundations were created.

Population Reduction

As stated in the section on beliefs, the elite are obsessed with over population and have written about it for centuries. Consequently, as written on the Georgia Guidestones, they want a global population of just 500 million. This means 6 billion people must die over the coming century starting in 2010.

Return to Feudalism

The elite believe that the world is simply consuming too many resources, resources that belong to them and their descendants and consequently, as outlined in the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and Agenda 21, we must return to a form of feudalism and into a post-industrial era.

Scientific Dictatorship

This new society will have different characteristics for different groups of people or classes, run in a scientific manner by a subservient group of technocratic scientific elite. In fact, today we already live in a form of scientific dictatorship where the majority of people are brainwashed from birth through the media and educational system. Ultimately, they want to develop purpose made, genetically engineered humans and only those with a purpose that serves the state will be allowed to be born and never able to understand the truth about the world in which they live.

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“We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.”
- Statement by Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member James Warburg to The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, 1950
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